Basic Research

Government-affiliated research laboratories, Independent Research Institutes (IRIs), and other researchers need integrated research management software that breaks down the data silos between different lab information management systems, electronic lab notebooks, biospecimen management systems, and scientific data management systems. More importantly, these advanced research laboratories need research informatics systems that enable them to adapt and incorporate new data types while employing predictive informatics to identify patterns and accelerate discoveries. They need medical research software that creates a feedback loop wherein basic scientists can be enlightened by insights generated at the bedside.

Remedy Informatics has developed the powerful Mosaic™ Platform and the Investigate™ Integrated Research Management System (iRMS) to address exactly these needs. Investigate integrates a lab information management system, ELN, biospecimen management, and patient registry software. Investigate includes a perfectly flexible data model that accommodates widely disparate data types and enables researchers to dynamically modify their data model as new types and source become available, yet the data model is still controlled by the Mosaic™ Ontology which automates integration and harmonization of data from different systems.   Investigate’s modern, web-based architecture enables secure, scalable, cost-effective multi-site collaboration and its cutting-edge data-visualization and intelligent query tools enable researchers to gain 360° view of their data and recognize patterns in ways never before possible.  Researchers at advanced laboratories can finally stop worrying about harmonizing data from disparate sources and focus their energy on making new discoveries.

Solutions For Basic Research

Mosaic™ Platform + Builder Suite Tools to create registries built on the powerful Mosaic™ Platform Available
Investigate™ Integrated Research Management System, including LIMS, ELN, biospecimen management, and registry technology Available
Investigate CT™ Integrated Research Management System, including LIMS, ELN, biospecimen management, and registry technology specifically configured for the data models, lab workflows, and research needs of cell therapy laboratories Available
InvestigateCTMS™ is an integrated clinical trial management system (iCTMS) encompassing the holistic life cycle of multicenter clinical trials providing a single view across multiple systems, improving site start-up, reducing cost and increasing efficiency. In Development
SpecimenTrack™ Biospecimen management system offering full integration with Investigate™and other Remedy products Available