Mosaic™ Platform

The Mosaic™ Platform is the most powerful biomedical informatics platform in the world. After investing 10 years developing the Mosaic Platform, Remedy Informatics’ clinical registries, disease registries, research management software, and translational research informatics products provide researchers with an unmatched technology advantage.

With a modern, web-based architecture, the Mosaic Platform enables efficient, secure, and scalable multi-site or cross-institution collaboration. The Mosaic Platform also employs groundbreaking technical advances that make it both a highly flexible and highly structured infrastructure for enterprise research informatics.

Product Feature
As a result, registries built on the platform are highly configurable. For example, data capture forms and workflows can be easily changed, and new terms or concepts can be added to a data model—without software coding or knowledge of underlying database structure. The high degree of structure makes it possible for the Mosaic Ontology™ to control all applications built on the platform, ensuring the validity and consistency of data entered into a registry database or presented in reports, charts, and graphs. And that’s just the beginning.

Mosaic™ Platform Applications


RemedyAMH™ | Aggregate, Map, and Harmonize Data

RemedyAMH™ represents a completely new paradigm for aggregating, mapping, and harmonizing data from widely disparate research databases and clinical information systems into a single repository. This eliminates the need to duplicate efforts to input data into different systems or deploy armies of nurses for chart abstraction in order to gather the data researchers need to answer their research questions. With RemedyAMH you can initiate complex research projects much faster—and much more cost-effectively—and enable your researchers to move beyond worrying about how to pull together their data, so they can focus on the truly important task: analyzing their data.


QueryBuilder™ | Dynamic, Do-It-Yourself Queries

QueryBuilder™ enables dynamic, do-it-yourself queries of your data. You want to take every opportunity you can to ask questions of your data, and you want the ability to ask the questions you know you need answered now, as well as the questions you haven’t yet thought to ask. QueryBuilder provides you with an intuitive query-generation tool based on a Venn diagram metaphor and simple “drag and drop” functionality—no need for a database manager to write SQL queries or to rely on your IT department’s software engineers to hard code new reports on a database.

Any authorized user without programming experience can query the data interactively using a friendly drag-and-drop approach to compose Venn diagram-based queries.


FormBuilder™ | Quickly Create or Modify EDC Forms

FormBuilder™ allows researchers to quickly create or modify electronic data collection (EDC) forms with data fields that are instantly reportable. Researchers can automatically convert a spreadsheet to an EDC form while linking to—or, when necessary, adding data elements to—the Mosaic™ Ontology, all with user-friendly drag-and-drop functionality.



OntologyManager™ allows you to continually enhance the Mosaic Ontology according to your organization’s specific needs in order to optimize the effectiveness of your Mosaic Platform deployment. For example, it ensures that any revisions you make to your application of the Mosaic Ontology continue to be available to you across subsequent releases of the Mosaic Platform. It also enables you to evaluate and accept changes that either Remedy Informatics or other clients make to the ontology, and guarantees that when multiple users make changes, each user continues to have the ability to conduct cross-disease research from one registry to the next.


myHealthManager® | Stay Connected to Your Patients

The Mosaic™ Platform includes a fully integrated, web-based patient portal called myHealthManager® that allows you to capture patient-reported outcomes, longitudinal data, and other valuable information. The portal also benefits patients by improving communication with treating providers and providing such enhancements as convenient reminder notifications.