Comprehensive Oncology™

Comprehensive Oncology™ is a powerful and dynamic clinical informatics system designed to help oncology centers collect, manage, analyze, and disseminate their data more effectively, leading to better outcomes, fast-tracked research and publications, and maximized operational efficiencies. Comprehensive Oncology includes cancer-specific registries and is made up of Comprehensive Solid Tumor™  and Comprehensive Blood Cancer™, which can be used independently or concomitantly, and are all built on the Mosaic™ Platform.

Coupled with Remedy’s oncology products, the Mosaic Platform can harness your disparate data sources into useable information, assist in identifying and improving areas of clinical performance, and extend your competitive advantage.

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ComprehensiveOncology™ gives you a tangible, measurable, and permanent competitive advantage through your registry initiative and demonstrably better outcomes.

Hospitals, physicians, and cancer centers are swimming in a deluge of data, challenged by barriers to knowledge discovery and dissemination, and face changing trends in healthcare legislation, rising costs of drugs, regulatory requirements, and shifting reimbursement practices.  ComprehensiveOncologyTM provides a complete informatics solution to these challenges, improving information management by supporting evidence based-medicine, quality improvement, and value-based purchasing.

Comprehensive Oncology™ Products

Comprehensive Oncology™ Benefits

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Full Integration In One Single System

Comprehensive Oncology is a single system that allows you to integrate multiple oncology disciplines into a single, unified ontology, making your data consistent and easier to manage, share, and analyze. Comprehensive Oncology allows researchers to create, administer, and report studies so they can analyze data, use metrics to quickly identify patterns and relevancy, and gain the capacity for retrospective and prospective cohort studies.

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Discover Unseen Patterns In Your Data

Remedy’s Visualize™ product, a component of the Mosaic™ Platform, delivers a highly intuitive, interactive graphical dashboard that enables you to identify and track outlier groups and perform drill down analysis on particular provider and patient detail. You will also have the ability to conduct market analysis to determine volume analysis by provider as well as analyze patient recruitment and referral patterns, thus making it easier to focus marketing efforts.

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Unabridged Research Capabilities in Real-Time

ComprehensiveOncology™can be used to perform translational research including genomics by linking clinical data with your biobank and laboratory data and protocols. With a powerful ad hoc query capability that uses a Venn diagram based interface, ComprehensiveOncology™ allows for complex research hypothesis generation and clinical trials recruitment query tools that can be used directly by clinicians and researchers. ComprehensiveOncology™ supports a full set of “Intelligent Reports” by linking multi-variable queries to reports and interactive dashboards. ComprehensiveOncology™ has a user friendly interface designed to eliminate reliance on your IT department and reduce time from “hypothesis to decision”.