Investigate™ is the world’s first and only translational informatics system that enables translational researchers to conduct multicenter research collaboration and flexibly integrate clinical and lab data silos and disparate data types.

We leverage powerful research informatics processing to efficiently mine data without delays and recognize patterns that emerge from the holistic, 360° view across basic, clinical, and outcomes research. Investigate is the only integrated research management system (iRMS) encompassing the holistic life cycle of multicenter translational research including IRB review, clinical registry mining, research subjects consents, cohort identification, study management, biobanking, and omics laboratory informatics. Investigate gives translational investigators the edge in personalized medicine to generate faster, cheaper, larger discoveries.

Product Feature

Investigate™ Benefits

Product Feature

Collaborate Across Teams of Study Coordinators, Collection Centers, Biobanks and Core Labs

Translational research requires teams of diverse subject matter expertise across organizational, geographic, and research boundaries. Instead of struggling to integrate incompatible systems, install and upgrade software on personal computers, and get through firewalls, Investigate provides researchers with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that runs on a modern web browser, where they can securely share and explore lab and clinical data for efficient, cost-effective cross-site collaboration. With Investigate, researchers can focus their time on making new discoveries.

Product Feature

Transform Data Silos Into Multi-Directional Information Flow From Bench To Bedside and Back

Translational research inherently requires collaborative investigation of diverse data types from disparate research perspectives, which runs into thorny clinical and lab data and access problems created by a proliferation of inflexible, specialized IT systems.  Investigate™ adapts to researcher data models over time to keep pace with new discoveries, and flexibly handles diverse data types from genomics, proteomics, imaging, and biorepository to clinical studies, disease registries, and patient outcomes.  With a built-in, extensible ontology engine, Investigate™ harmonizes all clinical and lab data entering the system, mapping related concepts and matching semantically identical terms. Investigate™ gives researchers both the freedom they desire and the structure they need.

Product Feature

Integrated, Ontologically Harmonized Picture of Research Data Across The Clinic, Laboratory and Biobank

Translational researchers access big data from ‘omics to images to complex clinical systems, but without robust translational informatics, there is no way to translate that data into knowledge that spells the difference between disease and health. Investigate delivers:

o Data-visualization through dynamic charts, graphs, and maps
o Interactive dashboards, updated in real-time to track key metrics
o Intelligent queries generated by intuitive Venn diagram-guided query tools

Product Feature

Adapt To New Technologies And Methods With The Highly Configurable Mosaic™ Platform

As a collaborative translational research system, Investigate  layers on top of the Mosaic™ Platform offering industries leading capabilities while solving key informatics barriers.

o Uniquely flexible yet structured data model
o Ontological awareness of biomedical concepts
o Aggregation, mapping, and harmonization of external data sources
o Visual data mining and dashboards without SQL
o Deep user configurability without software coding
o Modern, collaborative web browser user interface