Remedy Joint™

Remedy Joint™ is a local total joint replacement (TJR) outcomes registry that provides medical centers and orthopedic surgery groups with an intelligent platform to track arthroplasty patient outcomes and implant survivorship, identify evidence-based best practices, and improve patient care.

Remedy Joint breaks through traditional data silos to provide a single repository for capturing Level 1–3 data on TJR patients, including demographics, diagnosis, functional assessment, risk and comorbidity, procedure details and complications, and patient-reported outcomes. Organizations can now integrate clinical, operational, and research data into one longitudinal record that tracks a TJR patient’s entire episode of care, serving as a powerful platform for supporting quality improvement initiatives, conducting comparative effectiveness research, and increasing operational efficiencies.

Product Feature
Remedy Joint provides unparalleled access to quality, outcomes, and cost-effectiveness data for total joint replacement procedures, patient-reported outcomes (PROMs), and research.

Remedy Joint™ Benefits

Product Feature

Integrate data from many different sources into your patient registry

Far more than an orthopedic registry for tracking hip and knee replacements, Remedy Joint enables researchers to gather data from many disparate sources into their patient registry. Our Mosaic™ Ontology ensures that all data that enters the patient registry is consistent and accurate, and flexible data-capture tools allow users to quickly adapt to changing research needs.

Product Feature

Employ next-gen tools to query and visualize patterns in your data

As a web-based joint arthroplasty registry, Remedy Joint empowers you to ask any question of your data that you want, whenever you want. Remedy Joint also features our Query Builder™ query-generation tool, which enables you to query your data with intuitive Venn diagram-based, drag-and-drop functionality—no more waiting on database administrators or your IT department to generate reports. And by offering a host of real-time graphs, charts, and maps to reference, Remedy Joint gives you an unparalleled ability to visualize, identify, and analyze meaningful patterns in your data.

Product Feature

Take advantage of integrated reporting to the AJRR

More and more hospitals across the nation are joining the American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR), which is actively collecting data from Level I through Level III. Because the AJRR is built on Remedy’s Mosaic™ Platform, Remedy Joint includes integrated reporting functionality that enables hospitals to report data seamlessly to AJRR.