Specimen Track™

Specimen Track™ is next-generation biospecimen management software that enables biobanks, clinicians, and labs engaged in multicenter collaboration to break down data silos and unlock the value of their biorepository data for translational research. It offers you:
• Ontological sophistication and harmonization
• Deep configurability to capture retrospective and prospective sample metadata for research use
• A searchable biobank for asset mining
• The ability to increase quality through standard operating procedures and chain of custody
• Scalability to accommodate large sample quantities

Built on our powerful Mosaic™ Platform, which utilizes our exclusive Mosaic Ontology engine to harmonize and map research data from disparate research informatics systems, Specimen Track enables you to intuitively manage biorepository workflows, adapt to changing specimen management data needs, and connect with bench and bedside researchers via a collaborative web-based interface.

Product Feature
Biorepositories play a central role in enabling connectivity between lab and clinic far beyond a logistical collection of freezers and samples. We developed SpecimenTrack to take advantage of the vast potential in both high-quality biospecimens and metadata currently locked up in biorepositories around the world that, if properly integrated, can drive benchside research, drug discovery, and clinical outcomes.

Specimen Track™ Benefits

Product Feature

Configurable to keep pace with changing biorepository needs

Specimen Track enables biorepositories to adapt to changing research informatics needs. It gives you the flexibility to configure sample types with allowable derivatives, custom sample attributes, multilevel storage containers, hierarchical inventory trees, and sample workflow automation templates.

Product Feature

Integrates biobanks with labs and clinics to drive research

Specimen Track couples with Investigate™ to form Remedy’s translational informatics system, which breaks down traditional barriers between sample management, study management, lab information management systems, electronic lab notebooks, patient registries, and clinical registries. Sample inventory management and clinical sample management systems, for example, can be leveraged to maximize the value of existing data for use in querying, analysis, and reporting by Specimen Track.

Product Feature

Intuitive biospecimen collection, inventory, processing, and distribution

Delivering much greater capability than typical biobank software, including the ability to serve as a simple sample inventory system, Specimen Track reduces complexity and saves time by focusing on real-world use cases in collecting samples from donors; managing inventories large and small across multiple sites; processing samples into derivatives, aliquots, plates, and pools; and handling researcher requests and approvals for sample distribution.